EnneaBrand: Study Your Personality to Create a Personal Brand Plan Using the Enneagram

Get to Know Yourself.

Get to Know Others.

Get Known by Others.

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You've spent years reading books, listening to podcasts, and taking courses learning about what worked for someone else - it's time to learn about yourself and study what will work for you.  

Enneagram for Entrepreneurs: The Journey of Getting Known

The method for how I work with clients like you is rooted in the Success on Purpose Path. It covers the 5 P's needed for both personal fulfillment and professional success. 

  • Personality - to get known, you first have to get to know yourself - the way you think, feel, and behave, why you keep having the same issues, and what those strengths are to finally embrace
  • Purpose - what causes, methods, and ideas light you up and adds meaning
  • Other People - better understand your audience, clients, and team members  to improve your relationships
  • Promise - the way you want to help others and add value 
  • Platform - the container that works best for you sharing your purpose and promise with others

Inside of Enneabrand, you'll cast a vision for how you want to see yourself, strategize how you want to others to see you (aka your personal brand), and find a platform and method that works for you to share it with others.

Enneagram for Entrepreneurs - The Getting Known and Noticed Path

Move beyond simply an authentic brand into an intentional one.

What's Inside?



Who are you?


  • Learn your type's entrepreneur profile 
  • Understand how you make decisions and  what might be missing from your process 
  • Getting what you need and want (and how others do it differently)
  • Your path to stress and how to notice full on burnout


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Enneagram for Entrepreneurs - Making Decisions as a Business Owner
Enneagram for Entrepreneurs - Creating Content and Clarifying Your Message



What do you want to be known for?

  • Growth as an entrepreneur
  • Clarify your personal brand message 
  • Types of content to create by Enneagram type 
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Who do you want to be known to?

  • Who's in your audience? Who are you talking to?

  •  What do they need your help with?

  • Connect with them through 3 styles of content
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Enneagram for Entrepreneurs - Sales and the Enneagram, What are You Selling based on your type?



What are you selling? 

  • Create Aligned Offers (using Enneagram Natural Instincts)

  •  6 ways to convey your offer's value 

  •  Use all 9 sales styles in your strategy

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Where you are showing up?

  • Identify your content container for getting known and where you want to put it

  • Create a media page (even if you don't have any media to share yet)

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Enneagram for Entrepreneurs - Getting Visible and Building Your Media Page

Build the inside foundation for your outside platform.

Meet Your Instructor

For the past 8 years, in some capacity, I've been helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals step out from behind creative Canva graphics, inspirational quotes, and stuffy corporate content to put their own thoughts, opinions and face out there in order to get known to and respected by the people they’re most passionate about helping.

Yet despite having the “perfect strategy” many were still hesitant about getting visible and struggled to get their message, offers, and impact.

Why does this happen?

Good habits and well-planned strategies can make complete sense, but if they don't align with your identity, you won't put them into action.

Now with my work using the Enneagram and self-awareness, I get to focus on the person first, rather than the project, and help them identify and become who they truly want to be and are absolutely capable of becoming.

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The Full Curriculum 


Part 1: Introduction

  • Welcome - The Enneagram for Entrepreneurs
  • Why the Enneagram and what most miss about self-awareness

Part 2: Your Personality 

  • Learn your type's entrepreneur profile 
  • Your Wings at work - how to actually use both of them
  • Entrepreneur Instincts (subtypes)
  • Handling Stress (Your Stress Arrow)
  • Growing as a Woman in Business (Your Growth Arrow)
  • Processing and making good decisions
  • Getting what you need and want 
  • Patterns that can help and hurt you - Defense Mechanisms, Emotional Vices, and Mental Habits
  • Let go of untrue stories - What do know about your unconscious childhood messages  
  • Who are you becoming? Intentional goals and aspirations

Part 3: Your Purpose

  •  Developing your purpose driven messaging
  • How to create your unique and impactful message
  • 9 types of content for sharing your message
  • Sharing your purpose through Signature Stories
  • How to tell your story (Orientation to Time)
  • Your Money Mindset (fund your purpose)

Part 4: Your People 

  • Your Dream Client - Who do you want to be known to?

  • Speaking to Your Dream Client - 3 Buying Personas

Part 5: Your Promise

  • Create Aligned Offers (using Enneagram Natural Instincts)

  •  What you're really selling 

  •  How to sell you services: 6 ways to convey value 

  •  Use all 9 sales styles in your strategy

Part 6: Your Platform

  • Content planning for your platforms

  • Where do you want to be?
  •  Land your first (or next!) podcast interview

  • Create a media page (even if you don't have any media experience yet)

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Former Student Feedback:

Janice, Solopreneur Coach

"Sarah's program exceeded my expectations and taught me so much about sharing my message and talking to future clients in a way that really resonates with them."

Eirin, Wealth Coach

"I LOVED working with Sarah and getting access to her amazing program! I've learned so much from her and feel super ready to get more visible now!!"

Instabrand Student, Physical Therapist

"One of my biggest takeaways was realizing what it's costing me to hold on to my old beliefs and all that I am achieving by letting go of them. I'm seeing changes both personally and in my business. I'm becoming more comfortable being authentically me."

Kristi, Enneagram Coach

"Going through the program helped me learn sooo many things I previously spent hours Googling. I feel more confident, excited and equipped with things that before left me frustrated, confused and plain defeated. Now I can spend more time doing the work I actually love!"

Leslie, Instagram Marketing

"My mindset around selling has completely shifted. I no longer look at it as trying to convince someone that my offer is for them. I look at it as letting people who need help know that help is available. I look at selling as me putting a message out there to my people so we can find each other."

Kayla, Email Marketing

"I’m more confident in myself and getting my message out there. Through consistency has come clarification and strength in my voice."

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