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What Enneagram Types Don't Know They're in a Burnout Cycle?

Apr 04, 2023
Hillarie Kay on the Enneagram MBA podcast talking about Enneagram types and burnout




A recent Forbes article reported that 84% of Gen Z experience burnout along with 74% of Millenials and 47% of Baby Boomers. 

What is causing all this burnout? And what can we do about it? 

In this episode, Enneagram coach, speaker, and author, Hillarie Kay shares her insights into what's behind this burnout epidemic and how knowing our Enneagram type can better help navigate through it.



Listen in to hear more about:

  • The typing mistake most people make that led her to think she was a Type 8 at first and how she uncovered her true type as a Three. 
  • The problem of separating our personal and professional life
  • The difference between stress, overwhelm, burnout 
  • How to determine where you are in a burnout cycle
  • How to use your arrows (aka resource points) to identify stress 
  • Tips for helping you narrow down your dominant Enneagram type 
  • How to avoid burnout altogether and how to get out if you’re already in it 
  • How knowing your Enneagram Instincts can help you be in balance 

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