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Igniting Your Inner Genius with Enlivened Studios CEO, Shannon Hughes, Type 7 (or Type 3!)

Jan 27, 2022
Shannon Hughes, CEO of Enlivened Studios, Enneagram type 7 or type 3 on the Enneagram MBA podcast

I'm sure by now you've heard the advice to find and follow your genius, your superpower, to build an authentic and successful business.

Sounds great. Solid advice.

But, have you ever questioned what in the world that is for you? Maybe you can easily spot the genius of others, but when it comes to understanding your own, you're clueless?

A lot of time this happens because whatever that genius is, comes so freely and naturally, you don't even realize it's a thing.

If the answer happens to be yes for you, I definitely can relate to the idea of not seeing the label of your own jar as well and know you're going to get so much from today's conversation.

Our guest is CEO of Enlivened Studios, Leadership Coach, Interactive Speaker, and Experiential Team Trainer, Shannon Hughes. 

Shannon combined her love for improv and experience in Corporate to create her business, Enlivened Studios. It's  facilitation practice that uses improv-inspired techniques to bolster collaboration and communication through skills like listening, spontaneity and storytelling.

Inside this conversation you'll learn more about:

  • Bringing clarity to what your inner genius is and how to use it
  • Creative Leadership
  • The benefits of an improv practice in your business (how it can help with your team, clients, and even networking with peers)
  • The power of "yes, and..." 
  • Her morning practice 
  • What is a brave space (vs. safe space)
  • Her story from VP of Client Strategy to burnout to Financial Ops Manager to feeling unfulfilled that eventually lead to her own business 
  • What most resonates with her as an Enneagram 7
  • Why she started questioning if she might actually be a Type 3

She also shares three powerful statements she does inside her workshops with partners:

  1. "What I heard matters to you...."
  2. "What I'm curious about..."
  3. "What I want to honor about you..." 

Listen in to find out exactly how to use these questions, how to find and connect with your inner genius, and how to infuse creativity and curiosity in your leadership, coaching, and networking skills.

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