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The Difference Between Enneagram Type 3 and Type 7

Jul 12, 2022


The Enneagram Type 3 is known as the Achiever, the Performer, or the Role- Model, striving to feel outstanding, accomplished, and successful. 

The Enneagram Type 7 is known as the Multi-tasker or the Enthusiast, striving to feel excited, satisfied, and fulfilled. 



These two types are common "look-alikes" that can get confused by their energetic personalities, future focus, forward-moving energy, and positive outlook on life. They both love a good plan, but for different reasons, and both can juggle multiple projects and can get bored easily.


Key differences

Catch some of the key differences in the video below, including insight around: 

  • effort around focusing - for Sevens it can be tougher 
  • motives behind planning - Three's want to plan with purpose and get to the result quickly 
  • relationship with options and limits - Sevens avoid being limited in any way 
  • ability to see a project through - Three's tend to have the upper hand on execution 
  • core driver behind their job or business - Sevens will look for something fulfilling with flexibility while Threes may be more focused on the image that job or business will give them



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