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The Difference Between Enneagram Type 2 and Type 9

May 24, 2022


The confusion between the Type 2 and Type 9 is probably the most common mistyping pair I personally see in my business.


There are a lot of similarities between them including being very service-oriented, others first mentality, friendly, optimistic, wanting to be connected and because of all of that, they can both sight of their own needs as they're helping everyone else.

Core Drivers

At the end of the day the thing that makes a Two a Two and a Nine a Nine is that core driver or core strategy for getting their needs met and aligning with their most important values. 

For a Type Two, that core strategy is to feel connected, loved, and wanted.

For a Type Nine, that core strategy is to feel at peace, in harmony, and calm.


Key Differences

At the same time, there are some key differences in their inner workings that's important to know if this is a pair you're stuck between.

Most Twos, if they were being honest, could admit that they can get almost anyone (that they want - they don't care about being liked by everyone) to like them. While a Nine wants to be liked, their priority is finding harmony, connection, and peace.

Nines have a tendency to idealize others and only see the good. Twos have an ability to see others deeply - their hurt, needs, and fragilities - and actually use it to feel closer to others and to feel needed.

Most Twos will walk the extra mile for those they care about and help in very practical ways, whereas a Nine is someone you'd go to be comfort and reassurance, but may struggle to provide the practical help you need.

Listen in above or watch below to get more clues into the difference between these two types to help you clarify your dominant type!


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