Learn How to Use the Enneagram to be a Better Manager 

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What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? 


According to Harvard Business Review, the managers who can claim best-boss-ever status discover what is unique about each person on their team and then capitalize on it, challenging each member to excel in their own way.

Here’s how they do it.

You'll use what you're learning from the Enneagram to grow into World's Best Boss with these four categories of Emotional Intelligence. 


Study Your Personality, Preferences, & Pet Peeves


Notice Stress & Triggers

Highlight Strengths

Identify Auto-Pilot Actions 

Ask for Feedback 

Define Growth for You

Consider Your Values & Motives  


Turn Insight into Action 


Defuse Triggers 

Leverage Strengths 

Develop Intentional Habits 

Accountability Check-Ins

Practice New Behavior 

Engage in Critical Thinking



Accept & Appreciate Your Team's Differences


Understand Their Reactions 

Recognize Their Strengths

Review Potential Blind Spots

Know Their Communication & Collaborations Preferences 

Get Feedback from Others

 Identify What Growth Is for Them



Relationship Management:

Understand Your Impact on Others'


Work Together to Navigate Difficult Situations  

Find Ways to Use Their Strengths

Adapt to Their Preferences (when possible)

Chart a Growth Path

Open Lines for Feedback 



Are You a New Manager Ready to Bring Out the Best in Your Team?

Best-Boss-Ever School‚ĄĘ is coming in 2024. Put your name on the waitlist to get program updates and special offers for the first cohort!

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"Great managers perform their magic by discovering, developing, and celebrating what’s different about each person who works for them."

What to Expect Inside Each Semester

6-Month Program

At the end of the program, having submitted all required assignments, you'll receive a Certification of Completion. Add it to your LinkedIn profile and show off the physical copy when you hang it in your office. 

Monthly Lessons

New topics covering the Enneagram and ways to use it at work - both with your own professional and personal growth, and that of your team awareness - will be shared in various ways including training video calls, audio lessons, and field work. 

Application Exercises

This part is important. You already know there is no shortage of information about being a great boss out there. It's the implementation part that's often missing. You'll have regular funwork opportunities to turn the Enneagram insight into action.

Group Discussions  

You'll get to meet and learn from your peers in the program with the various groups calls. Time and time again, training attendees say sharing with others is one of their favorite and most memorable parts of their experience. 

Individual Attention

Throughout the semester you'll receive (2) one-on-one sessions to discuss your specific manager goals, outline ways to use the Enneagram in your role,  and identify your best-boss-ever growth path. You'll also get a joint Enneagram session with your boss.

Meet the Instructors

Sarah Wallace

The Stats: Enneagram Coach Certified, Awareness to Action Level 1  Completion and Train-the-Trainer Certified, International Enneagram Association Member, Enneagram Collective Group Member, host of the Enneagram at Work podcast, and workshop facilitator

Sarah started her career as a Manager of Public Affairs for a global corporate construction material company and later as a National Media Sales Consultant for a small business in the health club industry. This wide range of workplace relationship experience and team dynamics allows her to understand and successfully work with various types and sizes of groups, while collaborating with executives in the boardroom and supporting employees in the field. Learn more about Sarah here.

Katie Taylor

The Stats: Trauma Informed Entrepreneur Certified, Practitioner of Awareness to Action Enneagram Methodology, Informed Safe Place Holder Certified, Business Operations Specialist, and Director of Operations Board Chair for a local youth organization

Katie is also the Founder and CEO of The Outsourced COO and in her first year of business, she was recognized as a Young Professional of the Year for her meaningful success, vision, and imprint on local business community.

Since 2018 she has spent thousands of hours studying the business space to understand who is succeeding and why in order to gain insights on the most positive impacts to growth in the workplace. Learn more about Katie here.

Wait, What's The Enneagram?

The Enneagram (pronounced "ANY-uh-gram") is a model for identifying nine distinct ways of seeing the world. More than identifying only strengths or surface-level behaviors, it gives incredibly accurate and useful insights into the stories we're telling ourselves, the root motives behind behaviors, and charts a specific path for each type for growth and performance improvement.


Whether you're wanting a guide for your own self-awareness journey or a tangible tool to better understand the people around you, the Enneagram can help.


Sarah teaches the Enneagram using the Awareness to Action methodology. It's a simple but extremely effective model for growth that tailored for the business world.  

Companies that have already brought Enneagram MBA to their teams:

Are You Playing Checkers? Or are you playing Chess?

In his Harvard Business Review article, "What Great Managers Do," author Marc Buckingham says that average managers play checkers, while great managers play chess.

The difference?

In checkers, all the pieces are the same and move in the same way; they are interchangeable.

Sure, you need to plan and coordinate their movements, but they all move at the same pace, on parallel paths.

In chess, each type of piece moves in a different way, and you can’t play if you don’t know how each piece moves. More important, you won’t win if you don’t think carefully about how you move the pieces.

The intention of Best-Boss-Ever School‚ĄĘ is to use the Enneagram to help you understand the best¬†way to use each team member,¬†including yourself.¬†

"People who have a clear understanding of themselves enjoy more successful careers and better lives - they understand what matters to them, what they want to accomplish, how they behave and -- how others see them."

- Harvard Business Review

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The biggest skills gaps for first-time managers

What Employers Are Facing

According to SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management), new managers often struggle the most with:

  • providing quality feedback
  • handling difficult situations
  • reducing conflict within teams
  • running a productive meeting¬†
  • making decisions

When these new, untrained managers go from high-performing individual contributor to leading other people they can unintentionally slow down a well-oiled team, lower morale, and send employees running for the door. 

Asked about their experience with first-time managers, 897 full-time U.S. workers reported the following (SHRM, 2023):

  • 41 percent said they were stressed or anxious about reporting to work.
  • 34 percent wanted to leave the organization.
  • 31 percent wanted to change managers by changing jobs or teams within their company.
  • 31 percent lost confidence in their company overall.

Long story short: 

Even star players promoted to managers need training.

How The Enneagram & EQ Can Help

Any organization who is promoting from within owes it to their new managers to provide the training and support that they need.

The Enneagram is a powerful framework for understanding personality, their relationship to emotional intelligence (EQ) and, precise methods for improving performance in areas such as:

  • more skillful decision-making
  • cultivating good communication
  • coaching people to success
  • understanding¬†and managing their own emotions & stressors
  • recognizing the emotions and motives in those they lead¬†

Repeatedly, in all categories of jobs and in all kind of organizations, studies show that once a baseline of intelligence and expertise are met, emotional competence mattered at least twice as much as additional IQ or technical expertise (Awareness to Action, 2006): 

  • More than 2,000 managers from 12 large organization were analyzed to determine the most important competencies for success. Eight-one percent of the competencies that distinguished outstanding managers were related to EQ
  • In a study of 181 different positions from 121 organizations worldwide, 67% that were deemed essential for successful performance were emotional competencies¬†

 Long story short: 

Improvement in EQ means improvement at work and other areas of life.

School Tuition: Save $500 

The investment for Best-Boss-Ever School‚ĄĘ is $3,495. Tuition can be paid in full or in three payments. Volume pricing for¬†3 or more people from one company is available. We are also¬†happy to extend scaled pricing for qualifying non-profits, military, and education organizations.¬†

And...When you add your name to the Semester One waitlist, you'll receive $500 off your tuition! 

---> Did you know your organization can pay for you to receive development training? We’ve put together a template letter for you to send to your supervisor or HR department.

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