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Template to Request Funding for Manager Development

✏️ Customize this letter to ask your boss, company, or HR department to invest in your capacity to be a sought-after people leader.


Dear [your supervisor or HR contact],

As you know, I feel excited and optimistic about my new role. One of the things I value is that the company (and you) have expressed an interest in my growth. Thank you. To continue along that path, I am interested in pursuing additional training to help me further improve and develop my skills as a new manager.

In particular, I am looking to grow in my self-awareness and self-management as well as in my others-awareness and relationship management so that I can contribute as much as possible to our energetic company culture and this growing team. 

I have researched several options and found one that seems to be the best fit for me based on my opportunities for growth and areas of interest. In my search, I have prioritized the following pieces:

  • [what you’re looking to get out of this development opportunity, some examples listed below]
  • A program that’s easy to complete without having to take time off from work
  • A mix of live, group-based sessions with flexibly-paced individual trainings so that I have a blend of live interaction paired with opportunities to complete modules on my own time
  • Something that offers a peer-coaching model so I can learn alongside other new managers like me
  • Access to mentorship from respected teachers
  • Something that will help me build a plan for providing a long-term impact on our team, healthy work relationships, and employee satisfaction

The program I’ve found is called Best-Boss-Ever School, offered by Sarah Wallace and her team at Enneagram MBA.

The Best-Boss-Ever School trains new managers in the personality framework of the Enneagram, to bring out the best in their people - and in themselves. It is all about increasing Emotional Intelligence to achieve results and increase team performance, which I know we both want. 

Best Boss-Ever School™ does this by providing individualized guidance and real-world application ideas and exercise for leading people — I’m especially excited that the guidance will be tailored to me and our organization. I’d walk away with an individual assessment of my leadership strengths and potential blind spots and a clear path for improving my capacity into the future. I would leave with a deeper understanding of others on the team and how best to lead and work with them based on their unique personalizes and preferences. 

Sarah's Enneagram teaching and facilitation has helped sales, marketing, editorial, fundraising, operations, and startup teams in the athletic administration, healthcare, logistics, investing, banking, and manufacturing industries and she facilitates this program personally herself.

The cost of the program is $3,495,  while the results I imagine for myself are  on par with more expensive 1:1 coaching options and other programs that I've come across. 

By providing this opportunity, I believe we’ll continue to get awesome results while also building a successful and cohesive team culture.

I appreciate your consideration of my request for development.

If you’d like, we can schedule a follow-up meeting to review my request and answer any questions you may have.

Enrollment for the BBE happens twice a year and I want to join the next semester it's offered.

I look up to you as a mentor and appreciate your time reviewing this letter.


[your name] 


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