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Which Design Style You Should Try, Based on Your Enneagram

Apr 01, 2024

Recently, Enneagram MBA was featured among other Enneagram professionals in the ApartmentGuide article below sharing insight about the decor and living condition tendencies each type has.


Type Two

Cottage design is cozy, cheerful, and encourages personal style. Nostalgia is a word often associated with cottage design due to the encouragement for decorating with trinkets and other meaningful pieces. Sarah Wallace, founder and CEO of Enneagram MBA explains why coziness and comfort are so important to twos.

"Twos are relationship-oriented, their "lens" focuses on other people, their needs, and how the two can be more connected by helping meet the needs of others, " Wallace explains. "At home, their focus will be creating comfortable spaces to come together in, and they tend to have pictures of friends and family throughout the entire house. Even at the office, Two's care less about functionality and more about creating a space that is warm and inviting where people feel comfortable coming in to.".


Get more details on the Type Two design style tendencies along with the other 8 types in the full article:




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