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Working and Creating Like a Type 9 Woman with Bonni Mace 9w8 and Keslie Wilhoit, 9w1

May 12, 2022
Type 9 Entrepreneurs and creators Bonni Mace and Kelsie Wilhoit, 9w8 and 9w1

The Enneagram Type Nine goes about getting their needs met and avoid pain by striving to feel at peace.

Type Nines tend to be relaxed, calm, grounded, inclusive, open-minded, and excellent listeners.

That same energy can also fuel passiveness, conflict avoidance, becoming out of touch with their own thoughts and opinions, and feeling invisible.

Inside this week's interview episode, you'll hear from two Type 9 creators and entrepreneurs, Bonni Mace of Empathetic Enneagram and Kelsie Wilhoit of Healthy9Club  about working and living life with the Peacemaker energy.

You'll hear about their view on life, hustle, stress, and getting visible and sharing their opinion, even when it's not always comfortable and even when they don't always feel like.

Regardless if you identify as a Type 9 or  not, you'll get so much from hearing Kelsie and Bonni's experiences and some of their favorite resources and business strategies!

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