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Starting and Running a Business as a Type 8 - A Panel Interview

Aug 09, 2021
Enneagram Type 8 Entrepreneur, Type 8 Leader with Ross Wallace Him Gentlemen's Boutique on the Enneagram MBA podcast

Whether you're a Type 8 and want to learn more about yourself and connect with others like you, or you're looking to bring in some of the Eight energy into your business or getting one started, you're going to get so much from this episode! 

When you listen into this panel interview you'll learn:

  • What it's like being a Type 8 business owner
  • How their strengths as a Type 8 have helped them bring their business idea to life
  • How they sometimes get in their own way
  • Advice for anyone starting out in business 
  • Recommended resources for personal development and ideas for self-care that go beyond resting

This group was so open and honest and shared so many great nuggets - If you took something away, be sure and reach out to them to let them know! 

Nadia Melaisis, Opulent Milieu Residential and Commercial Painting Services 

Sarah Thomas, Authentic and All In Enneagram + College Collective Advising Services 

Ross Wallace, Founder of Him Gentlemen's Boutique: 

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