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Behind the Scenes with Enneagram Magazine Creators Bekah, Type 4 and Molly, Type 9

Nov 18, 2021
Behind the Scenes with Enneagram Magazine Creators Bekah, Type 4 and Molly Type 9 on the Enneagram MBA podcast

 Bekah TenHaken  and Molly Tindall are the co-creators behind Enneagram Magazine, a beautiful print publication that goes out each quarter. 

When you listen in today,  you'll get to hear more about: 

  • Bekah's typing journey to a Type 4  and how Type 2 showed up for her in the beginning
  • Molly's typing journey to the Type 9 energy and how she originally thought she could be a Type 4 
  • The gifts they appreciate most about their own types
  • Their recommendations for finding your type and learning more about the Enneagram
  • The path from their original idea to celebrating two years of seeing it come to life
  • How they came together to be co-creators and how they keep their relationship strong
  • Why they chose to create a print publication over a digital version 
  • The collaboration among the Enneagram community that goes into each issue
  • What's ahead for Enneagram Magazine and what to know about the latest Wonder issue

You can order the latest issue of Enneagram Magazine right here:

And be sure to connect with them on Instagram to let them know what resonated most from all they shared:

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