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Why it Pays to Step Out From Behind the Scenes

Jul 31, 2021

I used to help CEOs and executives get connected with relevant podcast interview opportunities.

One client I had reached out to podcast host, who interviews successful entrepreneurs, like John Lee Dunes, from the EOF podcast, about his 10 years of lessons learned from his successful company in the fitness industry.
The host was impressed with all he had accomplished, but came back with this...

"You have amazing experience that we can learn a lot from. I quickly looked up for more information about you, but was unable to get any.
Do you have more details about yourself apart from your LinkedIn profile? A personal website, a blog, an 'about page', other podcasts you've been on?
You looks like a good candidate to learn from, but I'd love to get my hands on more details or specifics about you..."

For a decade, this guy had been a "behind the scenes" CEO, not even found on his company's website.

What if instead during all this time, he would have been publishing articles on Linkedin, consistently had a presence on Twitter, or had built a simple website about his story, his why and his unique experiences (because he has a one of the best getting started stories I've ever heard)?

We still made this interview work, but he would have been in a much better position and viewed as the authority that he is if he had been more visible online.

If you need a little inspiration to bring yourself out from behind the scenes as the leader of your business, here are 9 messages from the healthiest version of each Enneagram type:

Type One Message - Perfection  is Procrastination

It's easy to stay stuck thinking Your video, blog or post has to be perfect. Or thinking there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. Don't stay there too long - Know that you’ll get better along the way, so get started.

Type Two Message - Sharing is Caring

Best known is better than best - You could have the most helpful product/service on planet earth but if people don't know about you or how you can help, it's going to be hard to help people. so get out there for the people who need what you have to say, the way only you say it.

Type Three Message - Leading by Example

By showing up and getting visible with your thoughts, opinions, and face, you're already setting an example and being the role model someone else needs to do the same.

Type Four Message - There's always room for your unique spin

Just because someone (or lots of other people are) is already doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t talk or do something similar - tap into your unique creativity and stand out for simply being you.

Type Five Message - People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

You already know enough this moment to help someone who might be a few steps (or even just one!) behind you. You don’t need to know everything to get started.

Type Six Message - No expert knows more about you and your business more than you

Trust yourself to do it the way you want. There’s lots of advice and “best” strategies, but only you know what type of content, where and how often is best for you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Type Seven Message - You can always pivot or evolve

You can change your mind at any point. Just because you start showing up and talking about one thing, doesn’t mean your trapped in it forever. See what happens when you go all in for 90 days and know you can change. The only way to develop your voice is to use it.

Type Eight Message - Being in the ring is vulnerable

As Brene Brown says, People in the stands will always have something to say, but how much does their opinion on what you're doing matter when you’re the one in the ring, taking risks, and finding what works?

Type Nine Message - Expect to ruffle some feathers

Get really curious about what you believe and why and then feel confident that what you believe is yours - you don’t agree with everyone do you? So why do you expect everyone to agree with you?


I  hope one or more of these messages resonated and will help you take the next right step for you to get more visible with your message, services and mission so that you can reach more people and create a ripple effect that goes beyond yourself. 

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