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The 2 Most Common Mistakes in Coaching Contracts with Maria Spear Ollis, Type 2

Jun 09, 2022
Maria Spear Ollis, Spear IP Law on the Enneagram MBA podcast

Are your service contracts laying out clear boundaries to help you build a sustainable business that you don't burn out from?

Is your website protected from the 5 legal blindspots?

Do you know the difference between a trademark and copyright? And when does your business need one or the other?

If you're like me, and aren't sure, don't worry. 

Inside this interview with Maria Spear Ollis of Spear IP Law, you're going to get all these questions, and more, answered for how to create a healthy, long-living business (or as long as you want) that you run, not that runs you.

You'll also get an insider's look into what being a Type 2 entrepreneur is like and how she's worked to build healthy boundaries and developed rituals that allow her to take care of herself, not just others.

Learning from Maria is like learning from your friend with a law degree. Her advice is not only pure gold, but also approachable and easy to understand.  

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