When Someone Thinks You've Gone Off the Deep End

Aug 17, 2021
Getting Visible

Client: "I'm almost embarrassed to start sharing about my business because I'm afraid my old co-workers and family are going to think I went off the deep end."

Me: "Is the shallow end any better?" 

The deep end is the unknown. It’s uncertain what will happen once we get there, there’s definitely no guarantees in the deep end and people in the shallow end, even well intentioned, will have something to say about the deep end.

Regardless of how uncomfortable and miserable the shallow end is, at least you can see. You know what to expect. The chances of predicting what’s next are pretty high, even if it’s more of the same.

For survival of the species, our minds have learned to insert fear into whatever we can’t be certain of. There could be something amazing around the corner, but there could also be a bear. Better to be safe than sorry.

I’m not here to tell anyone to jump into the deep end. While there are others out there to help you swim, deciding to leave the shallow end (and then not turn around before you reach the deep end) is all you.

You’ll know when it’s time - the urge will push you over the edge when the fear of missing out on your potential becomes greater than the fear of leaving your predictable situation and what others will say.

And don’t letting getting too big for your britches stop you either. Just go get some new pants :)

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