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How Can the Internal Family Systems Model Compliment Your Enneagram Journey?

Apr 18, 2023
Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Enneagram feat. Katie LaCelle on the Enneagram MBA Podcast



Calling all worn-out overachievers, caretakers, and people pleasers...

  • Do you consider yourself highly successful in your professional life but struggle when it comes to making time for yourself?
  • Have you been to therapy and/or tried lots of recommended “self-care” but STILL can’t seem to figure out how to stop feeling so exhausted all the time?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to find a way to balance your professional goals and personal dreams in a way that allows you to actually enjoy life?

Figuring out how to find calm moments and peace in your busy, everyday life is no simple task...especially when everyone is telling you you need to DO more and you need to BE more in order to qualify as "enough."

But, that is exactly what our featured guest does.


Katie LaCelle 
is a strategic coach, leadership coach, and IFS (Internal Family Systems) coach who runs her company, Cressana, to help others create their own guide to what actually brings them peace and joy while still supporting their passions and daily responsibilities.

In this episode today, you'll get an introduction to how Katie does that using parts work and the IFS model as a way to better understand yourself and what you actually need - and how to incorporate what you've learned about yourself using the Enneagram into that process. 

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