10 Ingredients of an Enneagram Type

Nov 17, 2021

You might be on the search to uncover your Enneagram type or you might have already found it.

Either way, when you tune in here, you'll get a better understanding of what an Enneagram type is made up of.

What information is inside each type? What insight can you gain?

Rather than learning about the specific types, we'll zoom out here and learn about an Enneagram type in general.

There are 10 ingredients that we'll go through in this video:

  1. Core motive: what you’re running towards
  2. Core fear: what you’re avoiding
  3. Core pattern: why you keep running into the same issue
  4. Core desire: what you want most
  5. Wings: the types on either side of you who's qualities influence how your dominant type is expressed
  6. Arrows: the unhealthy qualities of a another type your dominant type goes to in stress and the healthy qualities of another type your dominant type goes to in growth and security. 
  7. Unconscious Childhood Message: a central message in childhood we interpreted from our parents that affected our growth and how much we were allowed to fully be ourselves.
  8. Subtypes/Instinctual Variants: three basic instincts in different areas of our life that are ranked like a cake that show us our top values and concerns 
  9. Levels of Development: the degree of health within a specific type ranging from healthy, average and unhealthy
  10. Groups/Triads: various groups of three each type is a part of that shows were key imbalances are and where we limit ourselves.

When you're first starting out, I recommend focusing on the first four:

  • Core Motive
  • Core Fear
  • Core Pattern
  • Core Desire

By understanding these four parts of each Enneagram type you can:

  • more accurately and quickly narrow down your type
  • gain a better understanding for how others on your team, you clients, or your partner viewing the world and what’s behind their behaviors

Once you nail your type, then you'll know which number to more deeply explore to learn about the other 6 ingredients!

If you're ready to dive into those, I'm inviting you to learn more about how we can work together inside of of my private coaching programs. Learn more here. 

If you're still struggling to narrow your type down, a meaty typing workbook to help you do just that can be found here


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