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The Types of Grief No One Talks About with Grief Coach, Olivia Myles, Type 7

Feb 24, 2022
Grief Coach, Olivia Myles, Enneagram Type 7 talking about the Enneagram and Grief

I never thought I'd see the words Grief Coach and Type 7 in a sentence together, so when Olivia Myles reached out and told me which type she most identifies with and what she did in her business, I had to hear more about her and her work.  

On the Enneagram, Type Sevens are also called The Enthusiast, The Adventurer, and The Optimist. 

They are known for their glass-is-half-full and rose-colored glasses outlook on life. They bring joy, fun, and energy to any room they walk into. 

The reason behind a lot this is because deep down, Sevens are running from uncomfortable feelings. You'll find them busy in their business or out for an adventure because sitting still with their own thoughts and what might come up is too much to handle. 

Their core defense mechanism is reframing so that even when painful or uncomfortable situations do occur, they retell themselves (and others) the story, but with a positive spin on it (#toxicpositivity)...

"Well, at least you didn't run over two dogs!" 
"What are you complaining about? You could be in [fill in the blank with third world country] right now!" 
"Don't be sad, there's so much else to look forward to!" 
"They could have stolen double that!"

Like any type on the Enneagram, the more self-awareness and intentional personal growth a person pursues, the less like the stereotype they'll look and that's exactly what my guest today has done. 

In this episode with Grief Recovery Coach, Olivia Myles, you'll hear:

  • her journey of loss and grief of a child 
  • after years of living the same day over, how she learned to keep his memory alive without the pain
  • why the saying, "Time heals all wounds" is untrue and what you actually need to heal
  • the many other types of grief outside of loss of a loved one that most people are have experienced at some point in their lives
  • the unhealthy expectations our culture has created around grieving and what we should really be doing instead
  • how she uses her gifts of a Type 7 in her grief recovery work with clients

For anyone needing to process grief of any kind - a loss, a move, a career change, a relationship change, etc. Olivia hosts grief recovery groups and works with clients 1:1 to process in a healthy, healing way.

Learn more about her work and reach out with any questions about grief and how she can help you process and heal. 

Instagram: @iamoliviamyles
Facebook: Olivia Myles

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