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Life as a Type 7 Entrepreneur with Natalia Hernandez

Jun 08, 2022
Enneagram for Entrepreneurs, Working as a Type 7 with Natalia Hernandez

Are you constantly getting new ideas?

Do you love a good brainstorm session?
Do you have a natural ability to put a positive spin on almost anything?
Are you always seeking out the next exciting adventure or new experience?

If so, you might be an Enneagram Type 7.

Sevens are known as the Enthusiasts, the Optimists, the Multi-taskers or the Visionaries.

They are innovative, enthusiastic, funny, witty, inspirational, creative, big-picture thinkers, charming, and action-takers.

Sometimes that same energy can lead to being impulsive, irresponsible, coming across as shallow, having a short attention span,  needing to always be stimulated, and having a lack of commitment or follow-through (you know,  just in case something more exciting comes along).

Natalia Hernandez is our guest today is a relationship coach and life coach specifically for Type 7s. Inside this episode, you'll get to hear her personal experience of life as a Type 7 entrepreneur - what's helped her be successful and what can get in her way.

She shared several great resources that you can find below, along with getting connected with her and learning more about how to work with her.

Natalia is also a relationship coach and in next week's episode we zoom out the conversation to talking about all 9 Enneagram types and one challenge they each face in communication and in love based on that type, so definitely be sure to come back!

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