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What Benefits do Type 1's Bring to a Team?

Jun 20, 2023



Do you get frustrated when others don't follow the rules?

Do you strive to take things from good to great and have the precision and plan to make them happen?

Do you have a very loud and very harsh inner critic?

Is it perfection or nothing at all?


You might be an Enneagram Type One...

Learn more about the energy behind a Type One at work to understand yourself better --- or someone you work with inside this conversation.

You'll get a few clues and hopefully, some clarity about the Type 1's:
✔️core motive
✔️common behaviors
✔️ problem-solving style
✔️way they get things done

And, you'll hear from informants, Katy Lumsden and Linda Kolean, about life and work on the "inside" as a Type 1.



Katy is a self-proclaimed Noisy Introvert, an expert in the HR, Organizational, and Leadership Development space, and a best-selling author and founder of Know No Bounds.

Connect with Katy here:

Linda does sales support, sales operations, supply chain, and project management in the pharmaceutical space.

Connect with Linda here:


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