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How Do You Use the Enneagram with Remote Teams?

May 16, 2023
Cathy Decker and Stacy Royal of The Decker Royal Agency share on the Enneagram MBA podcast about using the Enneagram with remote teams

Remote work is a bit of a hot topic in the working world right now. 

There's the camp of full-time in the office, different hybrid models, and full-time remote teams. 

There are benefits and advantages to each, and of course potential challenges with each. 

In today's episode, we're talking with the Principles and Co-Founders of The Decker/Royal Agency (2023 Inc's Best Workplace Winner), Cathy Decker and Stacy Royal, on how they've used the awareness they've gained from the Enneagram to navigate some of the challenges of a fully remote team and to better understand:

  •  their own leadership styles as Type 8's
  •  the co-leadership dynamic with each other 
  • each member of their team more deeply to better communicate and collaborate 
  • and... their clients. 

Do you work on a remote team? How have personality tools like the Enneagram been beneficial? Drop any insights or experiences you have at and I'd love to share them on a future episode!

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