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Behind the Scenes of the Enneagram MBA Makeover: Using Your Enneagram Type to Align Your Business or Career

Jun 30, 2022
Using the Enneagram in Your Business or Career on Enneagram MBA podcast with Sarah Wallace

Have you been thinking about a change in your career? Or a pull in a new direction with your business?

Inside this unofficial Season 2 finale...

For the curious, you'll hear about some of the reasoning behind the recent changes to the Enneagram MBA brand - from the colors, to new offers, from a new website, to the social media strategy.

And for anyone looking to make changes in their own career, business, or life in general, tune in to hear about the specific pieces of my type (7) and subtype (Social or Navigating) I used to let go of some old ways and more confidently embrace and move forward in a more aligned direction.

I hesitate to say "new" or "pivot" because these changes feel more like a natural evolution, but the insight I took into consideration with the Enneagram helping me hold up a mirror, made me more confident about the changes and the timing.

Even if we have different Enneagram types and subtypes, the intention for this episode is

 A) give you insight into the brand and what to expect so you can decide to stick around or not (of course I hope you do!) and
B) to further study your own dominant type and subtype to see what clarity and direction they might offer in your own upcoming changes.

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