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What Does Race Have to Do With the Enneagram? feat. Jessica D. Dickson

Apr 25, 2023
What does Race have to do with the Enneagram? feat. Jessica Denise Dickson on the Enneagram MBA Podcast



The Enneagram is a system that applies to individuals of all races and ethnicities.

However, it's important to note that the Enneagram, like any personality typing system, can be influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural and social conditioning. 

Individuals from different racial and cultural backgrounds will probably have different experiences and perspectives that can affect how they interpret and apply the Enneagram - and how they "show up" as that type. It may not look like the stereotypical behaviors we see shared on social media.  

Certain Enneagram types may be more common or valued in certain cultural contexts - like those in Asian cultures valuing both being perfect (Type 1) and being successful (Type 3). 

And so, it's important to approach the Enneagram with sensitivity and awareness of these potential cultural and social influences, and to recognize that individuals from different racial and cultural backgrounds may have different experiences and perspectives on the Enneagram.

In this interview, life empowerment coach and Enneagram guide, Jessica Denise Dickson provides more insight and context into using the Enneagram to actually do the work and grow, both as an individual and in our understanding of others. 


Listen in to hear more about:

  • What mistakes to avoid in the typing process  
  • Jessica's own typing journey includes taking 20+ quizzes and tests 
  • How your culture, family systems, religion, and social expectations also impact how you "show up" as your Enneagram type 
  • The cons of using the TriType theory
  • How growth may look different for the same Enneagram types and vary based on gender and race 
  • How to start on your growth path regardless if you know your type or not
  • How the Enneagram and Anti-Racism work expand us 
  • How your type may have helped you stay in privilege and bypass and what is there to let go of
  • What embodiment actually means and all the things it's made up of
  • How to use the Enneagram in the workplace as a manager or leader 

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