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How Your Enneagram Type Might be Blocking Your Wealth

Sep 02, 2021
Enneagram and Money, with Elizabeth Ralph and Sarah Wallace on Enneagram MBA podcast



Income is important, but what you do with that income is what builds wealth - or not. 

Building wealth comes down to leveraging your savings into long-term financial stability. If you earn a six-figure salary but spend it all, then you are not building wealth.

Luckily, you can build wealth on any income and this week our guest, Elizabeth Ralph of The Spiritual Investor, shares how to get started. 

She's also our first Type 5 guest and I know you will learn so much from her and her experiences regardless if this is your dominant type or not. I'm guessing we all have at least one person in our life with this Type 5 energy, so I think you'll find it interesting and helpful for better understanding them. 

Elizabeth  is now a money manager and creator of the Financial Story framework that helps entrepreneurs better understand money and how to grow it with a mix of strategy and spirituality.

Prior to this she was a financial executive and energy trader so she definitely knows her way around the financial world. 

(Click here to see what childhood money message you might be carrying around AND better understand the stories the people in your life may have.)

She shares some of her story for how she achieved financial freedom within 10 years of deciding to and was able to retire and start her passion project, the GiveGrass Ranch that saves unwanted horses each year from being slaughtered.

You'll also get a better understanding of where you might be blocking your own financial freedom as we go type by type and address a specific money blocking belief. 

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