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Enneagram and Marketing: Understanding Your Buyer Issue #008

Sep 02, 2022
Enneagram and Marketing: 3 Buyer Personas

Within the Enneagram framework there are many different groupings. One of those is around your default communication style and how you handle conflict.


In addition to it giving you that insight, you can also use this piece of the Enneagram to better understand your buyer and what type of messaging might most resonate with them. 


Below is brief summary of each one and how to think about using it in your marketing.


The Competency Group: Types 1, 3, and 5

Their initial thought when faced with a challenge or decision is going to be, "Show me the data, don't give me the drama." They are the most data driven. These types focus on analytics, being objective and rational thinking. They want to gather and/or share all the information so in their marketing efforts someone else can make a rational, logical decision.


Incorporate this energy into your marketing and content with:

  • Product features 
  • the Process
  • Comparison charts
  • Dates
  • Details
  • Stats, Analysis
  • Frameworks
  • Lists
  • Testimonials


The Emotional Reactivity Group: Types 4, 6, and 8

These types tend to lead first with a strong emotional reaction - worry, sadness, anger - when faced with any type of conflict. Because they can be so in touch with those strong emotions that come up, in their marketing they can be excellent at describing what that buyer might be going through and "stirring the pain" in order to emotionally compel a reader, listener, or viewer to buy.


Incorporate this energy into your marketing and content with:

  • Share your story, your why 
  • State what you stand for AND against
  • Mantra - "This is for people who believe..."
  • Describe the challenge, issue, enemy 
  • Storytell 
  • Testimonials
  • How they can expect to feel after they complete your program; how they might be feeling now
  • Subject lines that get opened 


The Positive Outlook Group: Types 2, 7, and 9

They’re able to see the silver-lining in almost anything and are constantly putting on their rose-colored glasses. Their philosophy is mostly that while there is a problem, it’s totally fixable and they’re here to help. In their marketing, it comes most natural for them to provide hope and enthusiasm with good intentions and excitement.


Incorporate this energy into your marketing and content with:

  • Vision casting
  • What's possible 
  • Where they're at now vs. Where they could be
  • Reframing situation ("You're not lazy, you're just not inspired." "Today is a new day to renew your health commitments." 
  • Describe the common enemy, it's not them




To use all three types in your marketing message...

First identify what your go-to conflict style is and notice how that might be showing up in your current content and messaging.

Next, start to intentionally incorporate the other two groups/personas into your marketing to create a more robust message that reaches and influences more people.



Review your latest promotional email, sales page, or social post. What pieces do you see? What is missing?

Where can you infuse your offer or sales message more with these?


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