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Kim K, Your Hustle Style, and How to Anti-Hustle Based on Your Type

Mar 17, 2022
Your Enneagram and your hustle style on the Enneagram MBA podcast

Inside this episode we are are getting into some "current events" - The Kardashians! 

Specifically what Kim shared as her best advice for women in business. While I didn't love it and thought it was interesting advice coming from her, I did love reading all the conversation it spurred on both side of the hustle aisle. 

Because this is the Enneagram MBA you'll hear about hustling through the lens of the Enneagram and the different ways we can hustle. Tune it to hear about: 

  • the different types of hustle that I learned from my Human Design friend Lauren Armstrong (@laurenearmstrong_ on Instagram). 
  • What hustle tends to look like based on each type and ultimately what they're running towards and away from
  • A cautionary note about anti-hustle and the one thing to focus on based on your type 

Books mentioned:
The Sacred Enneagram,

The Enneagram of Belonging


Don't have time to listen to the full episode?

Here's an overview of the hustle styles of each Enneagram type"



But first, what does Hustle even mean?

Definition: force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specific direction


Type One Hustle Style: 



The Type Two Hustle Style:

The Type Three Hustle Style:


The Type Four Hustle Style:



The Type Five Hustle Style: 


The Type Six Hustle Style:


The Type Seven Hustle Style:

The Type Eight Hustle Style:

The Type Nine Hustle Style:

Sometimes a little hustle is a needed for a project or a season.

The problem happens when that’s your default mode and your only speed is hustle.

There are very stereotypical types of hustle that come to mind when you say the word. And there’s other types of hustle you may not even realize but are important to be aware of and check in with how intentional you’re being with it.

Inside the latest episode 44 of the Enneagram MBA podcast, you’ll hear more about each of the nine hustle styles and one specified strategy for the types to anti-hustle and recharge.

Which type of hustle here most resonates?

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