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How the Enneagram Can Help You Deliver More Effective Feedback

Apr 22, 2023
Enneagram and Feedback at Work

Do you prefer to receive direct, tell-it-like-it-is, feedback? Or is the sandwich feedback method more your preference?

Is it helpful if your manager can tie the feedback message to your goals and how you can improve in your role? Or is it more effective if they can tie it back to how your improvements would help others?

Each Enneagram type has its unique way of receiving feedback, based on its core motivations, fears, and desires. The more you understand what your team feedback preferences are, the more effectively you can communicate and continue to build a productive and empathetic workplace. 


Below you'll find a brief overview of how each Enneagram type prefers to receive feedback:


  1. Type One: They prefer feedback that is specific, detailed, and constructive. Ones appreciate feedback that helps them improve their work and achieve their high standards.

  2. Type Two: They prefer feedback that is supportive, encouraging, and appreciative. Twos want to know that their efforts are valued and that they are making a difference.

  3. Type Three: They prefer feedback that is clear, concise, and focused on results. Threes want to know how their performance is measured and what they can do to improve.

  4. Type Four: They prefer feedback that is empathetic, insightful, and appreciative of their unique perspective. Fours want to know that their feelings and creative expression are understood and valued.

  5. Type Five: They prefer feedback that is objective, logical, and based on facts. Fives want to know the reasoning behind the feedback and how they can improve their knowledge and expertise.

  6. Type Six: They prefer feedback that is supportive, empathetic, and focused on their personal growth. Sixes want to know that they can trust the feedback and that it will help them feel more secure.

  7. Type Seven: They prefer feedback that is positive, enthusiastic, and focused on their potential. They want to know that their ideas and creativity are appreciated and that they have room to explore new possibilities.

  8. Type Eight: They prefer feedback that is direct, honest, and focused on results. Eights want to know where they stand and don't need their feedback sugarcoated. 

  9. Type Nine: They prefer feedback that is gentle, supportive, and focused on maintaining harmony. Nines want to know that they and their efforts are appreciated and that they are making a positive contribution.


Don't forget that these are generalizations, and people of the same Enneagram type can still have different preferences for receiving feedback based on their life experiences and individual personalities.


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