Do You Have Enneagram Type Seven Energy?

Sep 03, 2021
Enneagram Type 7

Type Sevens on the Enneagram are also known as The Enthusiast, The Energizer, or The Multi-tasker. 

Externally, this type gets stereotyped as the life of the party. They are fun, upbeat, magnetic, and entertaining. 

Internally, though this type has a deep longing for satisfaction and contentment in life that they are constantly searching for, rarely find. 


Dealing with Conflict

They are known for being optimist and can reframe almost any situation into a positive and find the silver lining.  It makes sense when it comes to how they handle conflict and challenges they are in the Positive Outlook group (along with Type 2s and 9s) where rose-colored glasses are worn on the usual. 

Sevens will tend to think, "There may be a problem, but I'm fine!

This outlooks has many benefits but the downside is that real problems don't get addressed. Sevens will deny, reframe or distract when it comes to problems, emotional pain, or uncomfortable conversations.  


Assertive Energy

They are also part of the Assertive/Aggressive grouping (along with 3s and 8s) that has to do with the energy we each bring to going after what we want. Sevens are future-focused, with "what's next?" energy and don't naturally slow down to consider needs. 

This energy gives them the ability to be quick decision makers and action takers, but this impulsiveness isn't always helpful. 

Seven's might express this as, "Others' negative energy is the worst! I'll reframe and create my own positive, limitless world where anything is possible!" 


Center of Intelligence

Their dominant Center of Intelligence comes from the Thinking or Head Center (with Type 5s and 6s) which means they tend to engage with life through mental analysis. Each type in this grouping struggles with fear and anxiety in some way. For Sevens it looks like staying busy and stimulated, so they won't feel the anxiety. 


Type 7 Profile 

Below is a quick facts list of the Type 7 profile:

Core longing: to be content, satisfied, fulfilled

Core fear: to be trapped in emotional pain, bored, lack of options

Vice: gluttony - the insatiable thirst for more stimulation - ideas, plans, activities, substances, connection, experiences, etc. 

Leadership strengths
incredible at casting vision and kicking off initiatives, naturally bring motivation, optimism, and enthusiasm, creative problem solver and dreamer of all possibilities, can be counted on to move things along, innovative and futuristic, good at reframing problems into opportunities 

Leadership struggles: can 
struggle to implement or execute on their big ideas once it feels boring or no longer exciting, rose-colored glasses can sometimes fog their ability to see risks or potential problems, may just skim the surface when slowing down and going deeper into a task is needed, can avoid facing bad news, can be so focused on the future they miss the experience of the presence 


Common Challenges for a Type 7

The 3 most common challenges in business I hear from my Type 7s is that:

1. A creative mind: they have so many ideas flooding in all the time they don’t know which one is the best one to choose, so they don’t. The ideas list keeps growing but nothing ever comes from them other than guilt for not being able to pick one and do it.

2. A new idea graveyard: They are exhausted because, as mentioned above, they have so many ideas for what they want to offer in their business and when they do decide on one, they can lose steam and never really allow it to take off. Which means they’re stuck always creating something new instead of improving and scaling what they already have.

3. The purpose trap: They still don’t don’t what they want to be when they grow up but haven’t stopped looking for their true purpose in life. It’s almost frustrating to have so many different interests and passions and be good at all of them because then finding the thing you are meant to be is harder to figure out.


Do you have Seven energy in you? What from here resonates with you the most?


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