Do You Have Enneagram Type 1 Energy?

Aug 16, 2021

Type Ones have been called The Perfectionist, but are probably more accurately referred to as The Improver.

They have both the desire and the ability to make things better - They're always on the look out for ways to improve themselves, help others be their best self, and look for ways to improve the groups, community and world around them.

While they are focused on the common good this can also lead to a struggle with boundaries and anxiety around meeting expectations.

Many of us may sometimes have common behaviors of a Type 1, but the thing that makes a Type 1 is this:

A core desire of being good, having integrity

A core fear of being bad, wrong, corrupt, defective

Here are three common qualities of the Type One: 

They believe perfection is possible: You have a strong morale compass and conviction in what is right and wrong. With such clarity, there's no room for error. It's either good or bad, so you and the work you do must never fall into the ladder category. If there's a chance that it might, it's worth waiting until you can get it perfect/right.

A relentless inner critic: We all struggle with this, but for you it's even louder and more harsh. No one needs to tell you what you did wrong or critique your work - you've already been berated 10x worse by your inner critic. It questions why you even attempted to try and reminds you you'll never be good enough.

A long list of ideas for improving yourself and the world: One of their superpowers is their ability to see all the ways they can make things better. You're a life long student and always looking for ways to improve. Unlike some of the other big idea types, you also have the structure and self-discipline to take it from good to great.

As leaders their strengths are:

  • always doing the right thing
  • being ethical and responsible
  • extremely hard working
  • results and detail oriented
  • focused on improving and can take things from good to great
  • creating processes and structure

Where they might struggle a bit as a leader by:

  • can be rigid and stuck in "one right way" of thinking
  • can come across as critical, but only because they're own inner voice can be so critical to them
  • they may struggle meeting deadlines because they're waiting for the project to be perfect
  • can overcommit and risk burnout by taking on too much to ensure it's done right

Where are the Type 1s at? What feels true? Anything you'd add to this that reflect your experience as a Type One? Connect with me over on Instagram at @enneagrammba and let me know! I truly always love hearing from you and your experience with the Enneagram! 

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