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Being an Enneagram Type Two Entrepreneur

Oct 15, 2022
Kerri Cooper from Stand Tall Enneagram sharing working as an Enneagram Type 2 Entrepreneur

Inside this interview clip with Stand Tall Enneagram Coaching founder, Kerri Cooper, you'll hear about her real life experience being a Type 2 entrepreneur, both the strengths she brings to her business and clients, and some of the obstacles she's had to face.


You'll also hear about:


✔️her path to narrowing down her type between a Type 2, 6 and 8

✔️what her stress arrow to Type 8 can look like

✔️the parts of her Type 4 growth arrow that she uses the most how her Type 1 Wing has created some obstacles from her to navigate

✔️around and she's seen a lot of growth in her business doing so

✔️the energy she brings to going after what she wants

✔️the boundaries she learned to put in place for her business

✔️how she uses her superpower of building relationships



After you have a chance to watch, definitely leave a comment and let Kerri know what resonated with you most about her experience.




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