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Showing Up Like a Super Hero in Your Own Story

Dec 05, 2019

I few weeks ago, I was visiting my old roommate from Chicago out in LA. For dinner one evening, we popped into this trendy little spot on Venice Beach that was packed and were lucky enough to snag two seats at the bar.

After awhile, I noticed this guy behind my friend who had managed to make his way to a standing spot at the bar. 

He caught my attention because this place was a full house and he had just pushed his way to the front, leaned in with his elbows on the bar and pulled out his phone to his play chess app while he waited to be served. 

I nudged my friend to take a look at this guy who was taking up so much room and being so inconsiderate.

Who did he think he was???

And then, once he got his drink, he slid it down the bar in front of us to the other side of where I was sitting and pushed his way through the crowd to stand over on that side.

As he did, I looked at my friend again, so annoyed - Was he seriously this unaware to what personal space and social etiquette was? What a jerk.

So when he looked over, I said something about how he was just walking around like he owned the place.

He grinned and without missing a beat said, 

 “Yeah, you gotta be the super hero in your own story.”

Ok. That was good. Like, I want to get a t-shirts made with that quote, good. And he was totally living up to it.

Sitting there being impressed by this “jerk’s” profound response I quickly replayed the last 5 minutes as if it was his super hero movie...

He wasn’t sitting back patiently waiting to be served or lurking around questioning if he should say anything to these two girls at the bar - he had walked in with certainty and had the audacity to go get what we wanted. 

I think there's a lesson here on visibility and putting yourself out there.

How many times are you being the super hero in your own movie? Or is it more like best supporting actor? Maybe even just a volunteer extra? Or worst of all, not even showing up to the set?

I know if you click on a headline like this, you have big plans for the work that you do, whether it be your career or your business, and it’s going to require some of those super hero vibes, getting more visible and playing bigger.

Specifically, here on social media, that means more photos of yourself, getting over the fear of showing up on video, and sharing your own opinions and thoughts, not just motivational quotes from other people.

Up until now, what do you think has held you back from playing bigger and being more visible?

P.S. This guy's super hero mantra inspired me so much, I based a 90 - minute presentation around it, that I had the honor of giving to the Women 4 Women Chapter at Computershare in Louisville, KY. If you'd like to check out that presentation, you can find the slides HERE.

P.S.S. I would love to connect with you if you're looking for presenter for a women's group your company or organization hosts about how I can create an impactful and actionable experience for your team! You can connect with me at [email protected].

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