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Use Your Orientation to Time in Your Marketing and Leadership

Mar 10, 2022
Use Enneagram Orientation to Time in Your Marketing and Leadership on the Enneagram MBA podcast

When a challenge comes up at work or home do you tend to:

A) reflect back on how things went the last time something like this came up, looking to the past to help you determine how to handle this situation ?

B) focus in on the problem right in front of you to determine what needs to be done right now, sometimes forgetting that you've overcome challenges like this in the past and that it will eventually sort itself out in the future?

C) look to quickly move through the challenge, even if it's not fully resolved, so that you can get to a goal or ideal situation in the future?

Depending how you process and react to these challenges most of the time (not every time), will give you clues into which orientation to time you're using in your relationships, your work, and even in your marketing strategies. 

Listen it today Episode 43 to learn more about what Orientation to Time is, how to find out which one you are, and how it can help you grow and better understand your teams and your buyers. 

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