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35 Ways to Get Great Content Ideas

Dec 05, 2019

Content is the fuel behind getting known.


If you want to be a thought leader you have to have some thoughts.


And then you have to share them.


Sometimes though, with everything else going on, it can be a challenge to come up with something on a regular basis.


So, in honor of my 35th birthday this week, I'm sharing 35 places for finding awesome content ideas your followers and customers will want to read.


Here we go!


  1. Interview complimentary industry experts that your audience could also benefit from
  2. Ask your customer service
  3. Chat with actual customers (and possibly event employees) to find out what their biggest challenge is or a big goal for 2020
  4. Share real time photos from your event, meetup or other gathering
  5. Monitor search keywords - what words are they searching to end up at your blog?
  6. Monitor trending topics on social media and come up with creative ways to tie it in to your business
  7. Google auto-populate
  8. "People Also Ask" section in Google
  9. Forums like Reddit and Quara
  10. Slideshare presentations here in Linkedin
  11. Industry news (if you notice, I did this, this week when sharing about the new Linkedin Events feature)
  12. Trending topics in other industries that could relate to your own
  13. Be inspired by your own passions
  14. Go behind the scenes
  15. How-to content for quick wins your audience can thank you for
  16. Attend an event and share your takeaway's
  17. Productivity Tips
  18. Dig into the archives - re-purpose older content that's still relevant
  19. Invite guest contributors
  20. Check out competitors - is there anything you disagree with or would say in response?
  21. Create a themed series and shared it on a specific day of each week i.e. "Tech Tip Tuesday"
  22. Dig into the comments on social media platforms and see what conversations are being had
  23. Start a meme - for you super fun and creative folks :)
  24. Share an informal book review - ask your audience what they're reading
  25. Share your top takeaways from a recent podcast you listened to
  26. A "favorites" list - favorite apps, events, websites, tools, must-have for travel
  27. Disagree - is there a trend or fad happening that people should know the other side to?
  28. Curate content from your within the community you follow and tag them in it
  29. Curate from elsewhere as well news or business sites and create a "must read" list
  30. Share your origin story of how you got from there to here
  31. Objection content - address common objections in your posts before they come up
  32. Tell more stories and create more analogies - Did your morning run meetup make you think of how great team operate?
  33. When is a time you failed and what did you learn from it
  34. Common mistakes you see made in your industry
  35. Repurpose what you wrote from the ideas above, and share a video of you talking about it!

What did I miss?

Anything else you'd add here where you find your good content ideas? I'd love to hear from you below!

Hi there! I'm Sarah Lynn and I help industry experts and business owners, like you, stand out and get noticed online by building a stand out personal brand and leveraging the power of social media to get known and connect with their most important audiences. You can learn more about how I help here.

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