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Type 2 Guidebook

In this 20+ page digital Guidebook, you'll have everything you need to know about being a Type Two at your finger tips: 

  • How to Know You're a Type Two - An Overview 

  • Center of Intelligence - your go-to method for making decisions

  • Your Orientation to Time - the lens you're viewing the world through

  • Your Emotional Pattern - and how it can keep you stuck

  • Your Default Defense Mechanism - notice how it's helped you and how it might be holding you back

  • Am I a Type 2 or a... Understand the differences between some of the common mistypes

  • Your Unconscious Childhood Message - and how shows up for you today

  • What Stress Looks Like for You 

  • What Growth Looks Like for You

  • Your Wing Descriptions - understand which one might be most flavoring your dominant type 

  • The 9 Levels of Development for Type Twos -  see what the healthiest and most unhealthy versions of Type Two look like 

  • The 3 Natural Instincts - and how each effects the way Type Two is expressed 

  • The 4 Groups that Twos are in - and what to know about each one

  • Twos in Love - what you're looking for and need

  • Twos at Work - your strengths and struggles 

  • Where to go from here - how to move beyond knowledge and start to use what you've learned for your personal growth journey 

What People Are Saying:

This guide is insanely impeccable! So so good!! As someone who already knows quite a bit about my type, it didn't feel redundant to me - so many great insights and reminders for me in it.

Katie - Abundant Collab Co.