Hi there, Chan with a Plan listeners! 

Below you'll find additional resources to support what you learned during my interview with Max.

Your Typing Workbook 

Use this in depth workbook that accompanies the workshop we did together to help you continue to narrow down your type! 


Compare All the Types

Still struggling to narrow it down? If you've gone through the Typing Guide Workbook and are in between a couple of types, this guide will help you get more clear on the key differences with them.

Book an Enneagram Results Interpretation

 You've spent years in school learning about others. Now it's time to learn about you. Learn more about what to expect inside a Know Your Number Typing Session and find a time on the calendar here.

Take the Enneagram Quiz Here!

To compliment the typing guide above, this quiz will give you additional clues about what your Enneagram type is. Don't get married to your results - quizzes like this are simply there to help you narrow it down. You can use the resources above to better understand your top results and determine your type more accurately. 

Start the Quiz!

A Show About Understanding People at Work

When you understand people (including yourself), you understand everything.

Listen in each week to gain self-awareness, relationship management, and leadership development insights and real life application ideas through the lens of the Enneagram inside educational episodes and interview conversations. 

Listen here! 

Additional Resources

Podcast - Enneagram 2.0