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The Difference Between Type 6 and Type 9

Mar 29, 2022
Why the confusion

One of the reasons for this Type 6 Loyalist/Guardian vs. Type 9 Peacemaker/Mediator can be because they are connected to one another on the Enneagram by their "arrows." This means for a Type 6, when feeling safe and secure, you can bring in some of the best qualities of the Type 9 and become more trusting, optimistic, and more comfortable with uncertainty. 

As a Type 9, when feeling stressed, after you've exhausted your own coping strategies and defense mechanisms, you'll make a lateral shift to the coping strategies of a Type 6 and become less trusting of yourself and others, more skeptical, notice an increase in anxiety, and have a great need for certainty and knowing, rather than your usual "go with the flow" mentality. 

Core Drivers

At the end of the day, the thing that makes a Type 6 a Type 6 and a Type 9 a Type 9 is their core motive or strategy for getting their needs met. 

For a Type 6, they're striving to feel safe, secure and supported. 

For a Type 9, they're striving to feel at peace and connected. 

Key Differences

When that isn't enough to help you narrow it down, there are other key differences that can give you more clues into which one your dominant type is that you'll learn about in this podcast episode above or in the video below, including:

  • handling conflict and challenges - with a strong emotional reaction or by looking on the bright side, maybe ignoring all together
  • trusting others - "I'll trust you when you prove to me you're trustworthy" or "I'll trust you until you give me a reason not to."
  • getting your needs met - looking to others to check in how you're doing vs. go within and 
  • dealing with problems - anxiety and worry or assume it will all work out
  • relationship with certainty - need it or okay in the gray 

Are we connected? 


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